Month: November 2019


Espagnole Sauce ( Mother Sauce)

Espagnole sauce is one of the five french mother sauces. I made the beef stock yesterday in anticipation of making this sauce from it and further turning it into Demi Glace. I have been looking for a culinary challenge for awhile and going from scratch to Demi Glace has been just that. Two days and […]


Welsh Rarebit Soup

So I have been on kind of a kick about welsh rarebit. But I really don’t want to just make it to serve on toast points seems kind of underwhelming. I made Welsh rarebit yorkshire pudding the other day and it was just “ok” so I wanted to try something else. I decided to try […]


Homemade Beef Stock

I have never made beef stock from scratch. I always use a high quality store bought stock or beef base. I want to make a espagnole sauce. This is one of the 5 French mother sauces it is the “brown sauce” I will talk more about the “Mother sauces” in another post. But I want […]