Mama’s BBQ Chicken

This is an old school recipe before the era of modern BBQ. The sauce is thinner and more vinegar based. I have never made it and had anyone not rave about it. But to say it is bbq chicken isn’t really describing it well. Traditionally Mama served with Rice but I think it is far […]


Potato and Leek Chowder

I love potato soups and this is my favorite recipe.  It is based loosely on one of my first true kitchen mentors Revonia Scott from The Frying Pan in Southern Maryland.  When I was first hired as a dish washer between my freshman and sophomore years of college she was the head cook. She had […]

Cooking Tips


Always cook with unsalted butter.. I am not a baker and there may be reasons to use salted butter when baking but never when cooking. I have sold food to commercial food operations for over 20 years and I have never, not once sold a case of salted butter. In food distribution butter is sold […]


Veal Chop Dinner

I made this the other night when I was without adult supervision…  I was dining alone. I love veal I realize that is not politically correct.  The state of the industry though has changed how the Veal cows are raised and treated and today the reputable veal producers like Catelli and Strauss raise the veal […]


Virginia Style Brunswick Stew

  I only recently discovered Brunswick Stew and made it twice now. It is delicious and there are dozens of types I am going to try in the future. Georgia and Virginia both lay claim to the birthplace of this stew. Brunswick stew was originally made with squirrel and other small game meats. In the […]