Cooking with Cast iron enameled cookware

I have had a mid life conversion. Not sure why I just recently figured out the joys of cast iron but better late then never.
I bought 2x 10″ cast iron skillets to cook huge porterhouses they were $12.00 each at Home Goods. What a joy to use so I needed to explore further. I have since replaced all my pots and pans except stock pots with a combination of cast iron and enameled cast iron. I will post later about the mix I chose but I made the conversion for less then $300 and that included getting Staub and Le Crueset pieces at the outlets.
The first important thing I need to share about this is you need to lower the heat when using these pieces. Unless you are boiling liquids bringing this cookware up to heat should be slower and cooked at lower temps. The cookware transfers heat far better and easier then non stick and SS. There is no need to blast the heat. The exception is non enameled cast iron skillets which should be be used at scorching hot temps for searing.

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