New additions to my kitchen tools

Oxo 4 cup fat separator and Oxo angled view from above measuring cup. I needed a fat separator, I have not used one in forever I usually skim with spoon the old french technique way. But midway through my Dr. Pepper short ribs I knew that was not going to cut it. I googled how to do it without buying something and found some interesting results. One cool way was to pour gravy into ziplock bag waiting until the fat separated to the top then cutting hole in bottom of bag and draining until fat then pinching off. Another interesting idea was to use turkey baster to suck out gravy from bottom of pan this just seemed like it would take way too long.
I opted for the OXO 4 cup fat separator and went to bed bath and beyond and bought it for a whopping $9.60 minus the coupon so $7 well worth the purchase. I had earlier in my life a cheap version of this and it did not work at all.
The Oxo worked like a charm. While I was at bed bath and beyond I bought the Oxo angled measuring cup. I am tired of using our 1 cup measuring cup or our 8 cup measuring tank. I also have tough time seeing the amount this seems to solve that problem. I used both tonight and can say I give them both 5 stars!

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