Once upon a chef! Jenn Segal engagement.

A good friend Lisa and I drove  to Winchester Virginia today to see Jenn Segal from Once upon a Chef food blog and cook book fame speak today. We drove out to a really gorgeous Winchester library The Handley Regional Library . 

What a great presentation…  especially since I am just starting my own hobby food blog.  My good friend Lisa turned me on to Once upon a Chef recipes awhile ago with her Cilantro corn recipe which is so good. Lisa and I have made several of Jenn’s recipes and I have to say every one has been spot on.

It was fascinating to hear Jenn Segal talk about the  evolution of her  food blog to publishing a best selling cook book.  Very interesting that she says much of her testing involves making sure she posts the exact amount of salt to add to recipe. Jenn Segal feels ” Season to Taste ” is a cop out for recipe posters… I am not sure where I stand on this as I feel salt is a matter of taste so I add, taste add more if needed but I thought her attention to detail was really admirable. Lisa who cooks her dishes regularly told me she feels they are over salted and just knows to cut back a little bit.

Here is the first recipe Lisa shared with me and it blew me away I have made it many times. It is one of Marci’s favorites as well

Cilantro Lime Sweet Corn 



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